Are German Shepherds Good Family Pets?

Whilst the German Shepherd breed has its roots firmly in the working dog category, they do make outstanding loyal, loving and protective family pets – provided they have been exposed to the correct socialisation and training.

Having a German Shepherd as a family pet whilst being a great choice should not be taken lightly.  You must be prepared to provide your dog with plenty of exercise both physical (walking, jogging etc) and mental (training etc).  Without sufficient stimulation these dogs will become bored and frustrated and display this behaviour by barking excessively, chewing furniture, digging and in other undesirable ways.

It should also be remembered that these dogs are a large breed and due to their sheer size may accidentally knock small children and toddlers over.  They have long and strong tails which can accidentally push drinks off coffee tables when they are happy or excited…perhaps not a huge problem but something to consider depending on your family environment.

You need to also think about where you will allow your German Shepherd to sleep.  They love being around their ‘people family’ and are happiest living and sleeping indoors as a member of the family.  They may sometimes select one person in the household as their ‘special’ person but will bond well with all members of the family.

Thinking about buying a German Shepherd puppy?