German Shepherd Puppies!

Taking your new German Shepherd puppy home is so exciting and at Aimsway we love hearing all about the adventures of your new puppy.  

How to care for your new German Shepherd puppy

When you come to Aimsway to collect your new puppy, we will provide you with lots of information on how to care for your new puppy.  Here is a quick checklist for how to prepare for bringing your puppy home;

  • Puppy proof your home and yard - make sure there are no holes in the fencing where a young curious puppy may escape through or get stuck under
  • Check for plants which are poisonous for dogs - some plants are actually very harmful to dogs and can cause anything from minor skin irritation to even death!  This link from the U.S. lists plants that may be dangerous
  • Ensure you have thought about toilet training your puppy.  Young dogs can go to the toilet almost every hour at first whilst their bladder is quite small and they are learning self control. There are many toilet training aids on the market to assist in toilet training your puppy, however common sense approaches such as taking the puppy outside after meals or naps will soon see good results.
  • Consider where your puppy will sleep as young puppies may not sleep through the night until they are a few months old.  On the first night your puppy may also fret as it can be quite an adjustment for them to settle in with their new family.  Try not to fuss over the puppy too much as this can distress the puppy further.
  • Learn about crate training.  Puppies can be very active and curious and you cannot monitor them constantly.  So for the times when you are not watching your German Shepherd puppy you may consider placing them in a crate for short periods of time.  You should never force your puppy into the crate...always make it a positive experience.
  • Ensure you have all the equipment required for a new puppy.  This includes leashes, a collar, feeding and water bowl (not plastic - which can cause allergies), warm bedding, food.  We will provide you with information on what to feed your new puppy as well as the routine of your new puppy.

To enquire about one of our beautiful Aimsway puppies please contact us.

Please keep us posted on how you are enjoying your new German Shepherd puppy by sending us an email with your happy snaps and 'tails' of adventure!